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CWA Local 1298 Frontier worker with hard hat standing in front of truck


It's Now or Never

Frontier Communications employs roughly 2,000 residents across New York and Connecticut, who serve as technicians, call center representatives, dispatchers, engineers and other technical personnel that support Frontier's network. We, the workers of Frontier, are members of CWA Locals 1111, 1122, 1170, and 1298.

Three years after Frontier emerged from bankruptcy, the company is leaving our communities behind and trying to suffocate our union.

Time and again, Frontier has turned to low-paid, non-union contractors while pushing union workers out the door. We're beginning negotiations for our next contract with the company, and it's now or never to get a contract that will protect our jobs, our union, and our communities. We need to stop the use of non-union contractors and stop Frontier from giving our work away and eliminating good union jobs.

This is our future, and it's time for us to fight.


Frontier: Don't Hang Up on Our Communities

CWA Local 1298 Frontier worker with hard hat standing in front of building


Take Action!

Frontier’s reliance on contract labor is a public safety concern.

In Connecticut, Frontier was recently hit with a $5 million fine for unsafe excavation done by contractors! This comes on top of the recent spill in Florida, where a Frontier contractor caused 500,000 gallons of water to spill.  We know that the safety and quality of work in the building trades are overseen by transparency laws -- but broadband, being so newly recognized as “infrastructure,” is not currently subject to the same regulation. We can't risk a haphazard broadband buildout by unskilled contractors who lack the training or expertise required, cut corners, and risk safety and quality.


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Frontier is picking and choosing where to deploy high-speed broadband to the detriment of low-income residents.

CWA members, who are highly skilled and trained to perform public right-of-way work and experienced in safely navigating Connecticut’s infrastructure, are now often only utilized to perform repair work, last-mile installations or technical support when the contractors inevitably fail or fall short.

In addition to taking work away from CWA’s union membership, Frontier is building its profits shadily, breaking its promises to the union and offering buy-outs to seasoned union workers, attempting to avoid overtime pay, and manipulating compensation plans for commission-based workers.

Within the past year:

No Outsourcing Frontier!

CWA Local 1298 Frontier worker with hard hat standing on a road


CWA Local 1298 member in red shirt